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4 Life Hacks for Busy Moms
by Maria Vidal / December 13, 2016
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Being a mom is already a tough job. However, we have to take time to commend women who choose to multitask: be a mother, a wife, and be on top of their careers. 

While being a mom is already fulfilling, the feeling of self fulfillment of excelling in your chosen career or pursuing your passion through business can also give one the same high as the fulfillment of becoming a mother.

The question is, “How do they do it?”

Most mothers fear that they might end up having less time for their children and family if they pursue their passion. Fear is normal. It is normal to feel threatened especially if it’s your family that’s on the line. However, this is where you will be tested.

You owe it to yourself to explore how strong and courageous you can be. If you don’t feel scared, then you have to dream bigger.

Here are 4 Life Hacks from multitasking mothers you should know if you plan to pursue your career or if you wish to become a mompreneur.

1. Pursue your passion and stand your ground.

There is nothing wrong with pursuing your passion. However, make sure you are firm about it.

All careers or businesses start with a simple passion: be it just a hobby. It takes time and effort to research and learn about the business you want to be a part of and how you can be successful in it. And at the same time, you also have to learn a great deal of time management.

2. Partner with your life partner.

To be able to pull off a double life, you need a good support system. You need to communicate with your husband and tell him how firm you are in pursuing your passion. It is not necessary that you make him your business partner.
However, it would be best if you can tickle his fancies and get him interested in what you are doing. If he gets interested in your stuff, it would be easier for him to understand where you are coming from.
3. Stay in with your family more often.

With the technology today, you can find so many careers and business opportunities that would allow you to work from home. Especially if you don’t have huge capital to begin with, online businesses would provide you with opportunities you can build with small capital and decent profit.

4. Set a Schedule with the Kids and Stick with It

The key is in time management. Making a schedule for your kids is the best solution to ensure you have time for everything. If you have young children, it will work out perfectly since younger children tend to adapt to routines much better as compared to older kids.

Make sure you stick to it as well. The last thing you want to do is excite your children to bonding time and fail to do so because you’re too busy. If something comes up that’s inevitable, make sure to get them aware ahead of time.
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