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Build Good Habits:
Fun Tricks To Painlessly Manage
Your Child's Screen time!
No more yelling and nagging..
No more mom guilt..
No more child meltdowns..
‘My child is lazy as a pig.
He’s always in front of the screen’
‘I don’t know when would my child ever learn to clean up’
‘It feels like I am setting up my child for failure’
We know how it feels when you think nothing’s ever working.
You’ve tried:
Confiscating things.

But, nothing’s ever changed.

I’m so glad you found us.
You’re on the right page!

Managing your child’s screen time
is just the beginning of helping
them build good habits..
We know there are a lot of bad habits
we want our children to unlearn.
Before they get overwhelmed, let's help them take 
the small steps so they can later on slay the big ones!
Here's How You Can Start
  • Manage your child's screen time through fun and educational activities
  • Make them put down their gadget without them even knowing
  • Make precious memories with them by doing the activities
  • Let your child experience the thrill and joy of real play
  • ​Do it for 5 Days and change their lives forever!
Get FREE Gadget Detox Materials
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Includes 10+ activities
Goal Setting Activity, How to make DIY Windchime, How to make DIY Colorful Rockets, How to make DIY Dream Catchers, Balloon Volleyball, Paper Boat Race, Rock Painting, Investigate The Earth, Ice Cream in a Bag, No Bake Peanut Butter Treats, Egg Experiment, Elephant Toothpaste
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What's Next?
Set up your child for success and 
become the best parents in their eyes!
Ultimate Parenting Hack: Raise Happy, Confident
and Responsible Kids with Good Habits!
  • Get easy to do activities that will help eliminate basic problems at home: lying and stubborn kids, a messy home and weak family relationship!
  • Don’t have time to read a book? You don’t have to! These materials are made easy for busy parents like you.
  • Start building them up while they’re young by doing meaningful activities for them
  • ​BONUS: GET MORE FREE CONTENT that will surely help you raise children with good habits
  • ​EXTRA BONUS: Be ready to hear ‘You’re the best mom/dad’ on a weekly basis. 
"I found this amazing parenting material that helped me a lot, made me understand the relationship between me and my daughter and helped me become a better friend to her."That was always my dream to (after I became a mom) to be my daughters best friend"
 Let's Start Here...
CORE 1: Changing Bad Habits to Good Ones!
Fun and easy to do activity that will help your children build good habits in no time!
CORE 2: Raising a Goal Getter!
Set up your child for success! A simple activity that will teach your kids how to set and achieve their goals.
CORE 3: Raising Confident Children!
Low self esteem can hurt your child. Help them feel sure and good about themselves so they will be ready to face the world on their own! 
CORE 4: Raising Honest Kids!
Great activity to help you throw lying outside of your home. Honest children are most likely to become responsible and successful adults!
CORE 5: Your Family's Identity
Your children's core values will affect how they make decisions when they become adults. Teach them good ones as early as possible.
Our Core Info Materials
are designed for busy parents.
  • They are made simple and easy to follow
  • It won’t require you too much reading because we know you barely would have time for that
  • It’s straight to the point and fun to do with your children; these aren’t one of those that would make them feel obliged. 
  • ​It simply works or you can get your money back!

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