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Kids Unplugged: Gadget Free Parenting
by Ailenne B | September 03
agrealife kids unplugged gadget free parenting
Dear Mom and Dad,

At last on my 15th birthday, I have an iPad! The MoneyMaze Cube Puzzle you gave along with the iPad made me realize it wasn’t so bad growing up without the constant influence of technology.

When I was 5, I had beautiful memories of our family flying the kite in the park. On my 10th birthday, the Rubik’s cube you gifted me developed my love for puzzles, escape rooms and other mind-stimulating activities.

Now that I’m in highschool, you’re probably worried if I belong, get cyber-bullied or succumbing to peer pressure. I’m aware kids my age are infamous for constantly confining ourselves all day in our room texting, gaming, or internet surfing.

Sadly, technology has affected our lifestyle and its effects are greatly felt in the society with the rise of depression and other mental diagnosis, display of aggression and violence, bullying and many more. Goes to show how reality is greatly manipulated by social media.

As for me, my peers constantly seek my help in school knowing my strengths on certain skills set. Thanks to those play dates, boot camps and science fairs, I’ve learned patience, perseverance, teamwork and ingenuity.

I guess I would just like to let you know that you’ve done a great job. Our nightly bonding activities are enough to make me feel loved and secured. As what grandma always says, technology should be a tool, not a lifestyle.

She’s right. Despite not having those gadgets all the time, I am still whole. Again, thank you.

Love you always,
Stories such as this is what inspired us to gather families together at Kids Unplugged: Gadget Free Parenting. 🍃 

Kids nowadays are increasingly turning into digital junkies 🎮📱 with the excessive amount of time they spend glued into their iPads instead of playing and discovering the world outside. 

Their natural sense of wonder seems to be left on the sidelines. 

Easily available entertainment robs them of the chance to develop essential life skills.
If we don’t remove easy entertainment from our children, they’ll never learn to create their own. 

We’ll only continue rob them of the curiosity and creativity that it took to build that very device they’re holding. 

It’s time to stop saying, “But it’s just easier to plop them down with the iPad.” Or, “They’ll throw a fit if they don’t get to play with my iPhone.”
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