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  • RECEIVING THE GIFT IS HALF THE FUN - These aren't the same old cubes that you used to buy as gifts 30 years ago. This hot new agreatlife speed cube incorporates a generation's worth of ideas to solve all those annoying foibles of the cubes you may have tried in the past. With this new, magic 3-D puzzle and the included online solution guide, you can solve it twice as fast as you could with the original and the colors will look sharp even if you speed cube every day.
  • ENJOY EASY TURNING AND SMOOTH PLAY - This standard rubix 3x3x3 (2¼ inches/56*56*56 mm, 66g) cube is already super-fast without any extra tuning - exactly what you need to speed cube with the best of them - even if you're a beginner. These great gifts have improved anti-pop technology; no matter how fast you're going, it won't jam on you. This is one of the perfect birthday gifts for him, one of the well-engineered gifts men love.
  • GET FASTER AND SHARPER THAN EVER - Superior Corner Cutting at 43 degrees (approximately 1.5 cubies) and 3/4 a cubie reverse engineering. The Cube's internal corners are slightly rounded, which makes it far easier and quicker to turn. Want to shave a few seconds off your winning time? Try lubricating your rubik speed cube with silicone oil type lubricants (which make great combination gifts for men and women—they'll thank you for it).
  • ​FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Get it, try it and if you don't like it, NO WORRIES, we provide a full money back guarantee! Order today and reconnect with the greatest generation of this classic toy. The Rubik's Speed Cube is a fun, inexpensive, and unique gift for everyone; grab a few gift cubes and watch your friends and family have a blast with this timeless, 3D brain teaser novelty they can take anywhere - even on the plane!
  • ​THE ULTIMATE GIFT IDEA - No one falls out of love with the Rubik's Cube—they're not just computer nerd gifts or for engineers any more. They're always awesome cool unique gift ideas for boys and girls, kids, teens, and adults. Need something for your children to do in the car or on the plane? Unique gifts impossible to choose this year? Stumped for Christmas gifts, office gifts, or stocking stuffer ideas? Need a stress reliever before the big corporate business meeting? Boyfriend gifts hard to find? Add one or several Speed Cubes to your cart now!

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  • We use national fulfillment centers to ship your order. We have partnered with national fulfillment centers for all order fulfillment and have our products strategically placed in warehouses across the United States. That means you will be receiving your order by one of the best online retailers in existence from somewhere near you.
  • Secure Ordering available
  • Lowest pricing available online
  • Courteous, knowledgeable and professional support
  • Over 500,000 satisfied customers. We must be doing something right!
  • 100% Satisfaction Money back guarantee
  • ​No Questions Asked Return Policy

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Reviews (25)


Laurie b. Verified Reviewer

3x3x3 carbon fiber sticker speed cube

Any parents whose kids enjoy the great program of Speed Stacks, or sport stacking with cups, this is the next big thing, and these cubes are amazing. So smooth...great Christmas gift.


Laurie b.Verified Reviewer

AMAZING feel to the cube!

I have been teaching sport stacking for 11 years and this year we incorporated the SPEED cube into our games. We bought from A Great Life and were SO satisfied with the cubes. We bought four and used them for 6 hours (over 130 kids used them) with no problems, no breakage, complete satisfaction. The kids commented on how easy the cubes were to turRead more about review stating AMAZING feel to the cube!n and how smooth they were. They are the perfect size and the FUNKY box makes it even more fun! What a great toy. 10 thumbs up!!



Wonderful product

This cube is easy to use and the movement is very flowing


Daniel A.

Great Cube

This cube is great. It flows with no effort at all, and is extremely satisfying to solve. Add to that the rather unique look of the blocks and stickers, this cube is Grade A.
This cube is slightly lighter than traditional Rubik's Cubes. It takes a teensy bit of getting used to, but not much. This makes the cube feel fragile, almost, but iRead more about review stating Great Cubet is definitely not. I am not gentle with my toys and this has held up.
The stickers seem durable, and I love the colors. Very bright neon colors. Each side is very distinct and easy to tell the difference of. I haven't had any peeling/fading with the 15+ hours of playing with it so far, and I'm not gentle.
The turning action on this cube is great. It flows. You can cut corners and manipulate the cube at will. After ~15 hours of use it has degraded somewhat, but it is still better than a traditional cube, and I bet that with a little cube lubricant it would be back to top state. Apparently there are tension screws on the inside, but I haven't dismantled it yet.
Overall, I recommend this cube for both experienced cubers and newcomers. A+ If I were to ever lose this cube I would definitely buy another.

Over 1,000,000 Happy Customers!

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