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Take to the Skies with this Rainbow Butterfly Kite
by Lisa Roberts | June 21, 2017
a kid flying agreatlife huge rainbow kite in the park
Conquer the skies with aGreatLife’s Rainbow Butterfly Kite. 

Regardless of age, kite-flying will surely be an enjoyable activity for everyone in the family to unwind from the stress of modern life. 

This kite is easy for beginners to fly, and assembles in seconds.

 It comes with a flying line with handle and two sturdy rods for complete flight control.

Its compact, foldable design makes it optimum for bringing to your travels. 

You can go for a spontaneous flight at the nearest beach, grass field, or any other inland location. 

This rainbow kite is constructed using premium ripstop fabric that can withstand strong winds, and it comes with top and bottom rods that are durable but light enough, providing a steady framework so you can seamlessly soar in the wind.

So, hesitate no more and bring back the centuries-old outdoor activity of kite-flying. 

This Rainbow Butterfly Kite’s colorful design and shape also make for great photographs. 

Build memorable experiences hand-in-hand with nature while flying this kite with your friends and family.

1. Designed to be sturdy and extremely fun to fly
2. Strong fabric allows for a stable flight
3. Includes flying line with easy-grip handle for better control and navigation
4. ​Reusable, folds easily for convenient travel and storage

Purchase now! We hope you enjoy your flight!
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 Unit A242271 
Elkhart, Indiana.

25883 N Park Ave,
 Unit A242271 
Elkhart, Indiana.